Chuck Armstrong Design offers design and consulting services, in print, interactive, and motion design, as well as traditional and digital illustration. Disclaimer: I dislike talking about myself almost as much as I dislike the pretense of speaking of myself in third person, but I have to do one or the other. I would rather just show you the work found on my gallery page, but if you insist on reading my bullet points first…

I've been in Apple apologist since purchasing my first Macintosh in 1988, I'm probably more of a dog person than a cat person – although my last pet was feline and I'm allergic to both – and I like to run, but I'm not fast. I mean, why hurry to get through something that you enjoy? (at least that's and what I keep telling myself…)

If you need to know more, you can always contact me through the channels on my contact page, or if you just have to use email (it's so turn of the century), send it here:

Contact me. I love talking about all things design.